Emma Raducanu, 20, has shared a picture of herself after her third operation

Emma Raducanu, 20, has shared a picture of herself after her third operation

After her third and last procedure, Emma Raducanu posted a photo of herself on social media.
The 20-year-old uploaded two pictures on Monday from her hospital bed after winning the US Open in 2021, catapulting her to international fame.

She had three operations total, Raducanu said, the last of which was on her ankle and two wrists. The British celebrity added the remark “opa. 3/3” to a recent photo along with a grinning face and a love heart emoji.

The image was published immediately after her Instagram “recent recovery roundup.” In response, Raducanu shared a number of images of herself unwinding on the couch and chowing down on chocolate.

While recuperating from her second surgery, the 20-year-old was seen feeding her dog while sporting a sweatshirt from Stanford. On Sunday afternoon, Raducanu also shared a video of a blazing fire and a photo of herself with a doctor.

After being forced to withdraw from the Madrid Open in April owing to a right-hand injury, Raducanu made the decision to get surgery.

“It is safe to say the last ten months have been difficult as I dealt with a recurring injury on a bone of both hands,” Raducanu wrote in her Instagram announcement of her decision.

She added: ‘I tried my best to manage the pain and play through it for most of this year and end of last year by reducing practice load dramatically, missing weeks of training as well as cutting last season short to try to heal it.

‘Unfortunately, it is not enough. I’m having a minor procedure done on both hands to resolve the issues. I’m disappointed to share that I will be out for the next few months and while I am at it will have another minor procedure that is due on my ankle.

‘It pains me that I will miss the summer events and I tried to downplay the issues so I thank all my fans who continued to support me when you did not know the facts. Look forward to seeing you all back out there.’

Raducanu will hope that the overhaul will sort out the issues that she has struggled with since her historic victory in Flushing Meadows.

Nevertheless, recovery and working back to full fitness will see the former British No 1 miss out on both Wimbledon and the French Open this summer.

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