Yankees slugger Aaron Judge sparks controversy with glance at bench

Yankees slugger Aaron Judge sparks controversy with glance at bench

TORONTO — Before blasting a 462-foot home run in Toronto on Monday night, Aaron Judge claimed he peered into his own dugout to see which of his Yankees teammates was screaming at plate umpire Clint Vondrak.

The Yankees slugger took a moment to peek sideways before ripping a 114.9 mph fastball off Jay Jackson’s right hand.

I didn’t enjoy the amount of chirping coming from our dugout in the circumstances, Judge said. At that point, New York was up 6-0.

Aaron Boone, the manager of New York, was ejected by Vondrak three pitches earlier for contesting a low strike call against Judge. To lash out at Vondrak and crew chief James Hoye, Boone emerged from the dugout.

Before his home run, Judge could be seen peering into his own dugout, and Toronto’s broadcasters surmised he was searching for a signal.

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Blue Jays manager John Schneider remarked, “It’s kind of odd that a hitter would be looking in that direction.”

As Judge’s at-bat went on, he claimed that some of his teammates were still complaining.

“I feel like after the manager does his thing it’s like, “Fellas, our pitcher has still got to go out there and make some pitches. We’ve got the lead, let’s just go to work here,’” Judge said. “I said a couple of things to some guys in the dugout and especially after the game. Hopefully, it won’t happen again.”

Boone said he understood Judge’s frustration with the dugout distraction.

“Judgie was kind of looking over like, ‘I’m hitting here,’” Boone said.

On Monday, Judge hit his ninth and tenth solo home runs of the year. His 30th game overall and third this year with multiple home runs.

Judge’s 30 home runs against Toronto are second only to his 35 against Baltimore in terms of totals against a single opponent.

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