Harper Woods High School prom vehicles hit by gunfire

Harper Woods High School prom vehicles hit by gunfire

At Triumph Middle School in Harper Woods on Friday night, two cars that were taking part in a high school prom were shot at.

According to authorities, the vehicles hit by gunfire were traveling in a convoy to a site outside of the city for the Harper Woods High School prom. Triumph is located at 19890 Anita Street; there were no shots fired or victims at the scene.

“This staging of vehicles and convoy was not known or authorized by the Harper Woods School District or the Harper Woods Police Department,” officials said in a release.

The event is being investigated by Harper Woods Detectives in cooperation with adjacent law enforcement authorities. You can directly contact the Harper Woods Police Department at 313-343-2530 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP with any information.

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