Cory McFadden, Body of Missing Cape May Postal Worker Found

Cory McFadden, Body of Missing Cape May Postal Worker Found

The postal worker from Cape May who had been missing since late April, Cory McFadden, has passed away.

His relatives discovered and recognized his body, according to a message Saturday on social media.

Sadly, the search is over as Corey’s body has been found and identified. Since this is an active investigation, there are no further details that can be shared. The family will make a statement when appropriate and requests that you respect their privacy during this troubling time.

The McFadden family would again like to express their sincere gratitude TO EVERYONE for all of the love, help and support they’ve received in trying to find Corey. Please keep them in your prayers!

The last time McFadden spoke to his family was on Friday, April 28. Later that weekend, he traveled up the Garden State Parkway from his house in Villas, Lower Township. He went home without taking his money or phone.

Earlier this month, Cory’s father stated that he thought his son was traveling because he was concerned about a quarrel that occurred at work.

“He was not in the right frame of mind at the time,” his father said. “He’s an emotional kid.”

Police found his car on Sunday, April 30, 2023, at 11:15 AM at mile marker 96.4 on the side of the Parkway with the keys still in it, but Corey was gone.

Detection dogs from the Wall Township Police and the New Jersey State Police looked everywhere around McFadden’s automobile but were unable to locate him. That weekend, there was a lot of rain, which made smelling practically impossible.

Later that night, about five miles south of Wall in Manasquan, Corey had a brief encounter with a policeman. The discussion with McFadden, who was going by the identity “Corey Samuels,” was recorded by the officer’s body-worn camera, according to the police.

Since that time, Corey has been the subject of an ongoing search by Lower Township and Monmouth County police, as well as extensive efforts by friends and relatives to track him down.

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