14-year-old injured in fatal Horbury Stabbing

14-year-old injured in fatal Horbury Stabbing

Authorities have reported that a 14-year-old has been injured following a fatal stabbing in Horbury on Monday, May 29, 2023. Official and the air ambulance have been dispatched to the park. The identity of the teenager has not been disclosed. Witnesses have allegedly stated that they witnessed an air ambulance land in the area. The extent of the injuries is currently unknown.

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After attempting to knife the “ringleader” of a group of bullies who were allegedly harassing him at his barracks, a trainee soldier was sentenced to prison for attempted murder.

Following an alleged bullying incident in a dorm at Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, Private James Farrell, 18, attempted to stab fellow soldier Rifleman Curtis Horbury.

After being convicted guilty of attempted murder during a previous trial, Farrell was today sentenced to six years in prison.

According to testimony given at the court martial in Colchester, Essex, the victim just escaped being stabbed in the head by rolling out of the way as the squaddie rammed the knife into Rifleman Horbury’s bed.

The court heard that the alleged bullying included verbal abuse, being hit “a few times” physically, and having Coke cans that were only partially empty tossed into his sleeping area.

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According to the private, he only wanted to frighten his comrade into leaving him alone, not hit him with the knife.

Farrell, a member of the 2nd Infantry Training Battalion from Halifax, claimed that he “lost it” before to the incident on November 13 of last year.

Farrell also acknowledged to having 30 rounds of blank ammunition and 42 rounds of live ammunition; for these offenses, he was given a concurrent four-month prison sentence.

Vice-Judge Advocate General Michael Hunter, who sentenced Farrell, said: “You reacted in the way you did because you were being verbally bullied and because you couldn’t take it.”

Describing it as an “unusual” case in which nobody was injured, he said: “Following that blow, instead of retrieving the knife and continuing your actions, you took no further action.

“You did nothing. This, we find, is because although you had clearly intended to kill, you at that point realized the enormity of what you had just intended to do.”

He added that it was “only by chance” that Rifleman Horbury was not killed.

Farrell, who will also be dismissed from the Army, will serve half his sentence in prison and the rest on license.

Brian Russell, mitigating, said the incident was spontaneous and Farrell was aged 17 at the time.

“There was a smirking by Mr Horbury which made him lose his temper,” he said.

The alleged bullying is now subject to a separate investigation by the Royal Military Police.

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