2 Shootings Reported Near Revere Beach; Both Victims Taken to Boston Hospitals

2 Shootings Reported Near Revere Beach; Both Victims Taken to Boston Hospitals

Following two shootings close to Revere Beach, two people have been taken to hospitals in Boston, according to the Massachusetts State Police.

State police first reported that they reacted to a shooting that happened in Revere around 7 o’clock, blocking Revere Beach Boulevard northbound at Eliot Circle on the southernmost end of the beach to facilitate an investigation.

Soon after, police reported that they had been called to the scene of a second shooting at around 8 o’clock that evening, this time on Revere Beach Boulevard next to one of the bathhouses. According to police, the second shooting happened about the time that a major teenage brawl broke out on the street close to the bandstand.

Police did not disclose the victim’s age but described her as a young female. According to authorities, the girl’s wounds are not thought to be life-threatening.

The second victim’s condition and any recent developments were unknown to the police.

Regarding potential suspects, police stated that the investigation into the shooting in the first event is ongoing, while preliminary information suggests that they may already be holding a suspect or suspects in the second shooting, though this has not yet been confirmed, according to police.

Police have not yet established a link between the two incidents. The beach area has received assistance from numerous state and local police units, including patrols, detectives, K-9 teams, and crime scene technicians.

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Due to the heavy weekend traffic for Memorial Day, there were already a lot of guards on duty on the boulevard that parallels the beach on Sunday.

At the initial crime scene, NBC10 Boston’s camera captured images of crowds of people just past the yellow police tape that had been set up.

This weekend saw a large influx of people to the beaches in New England to mark the unofficial beginning of summer. The area has been blessed with gorgeous weather, with sunny, clear sky and temperatures in the 70s and 80s.

Both shootings are still being looked into.

There will be updates to this developing story.

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