Katy Jo Dallas-Fort Worth Missing; Color specialist at LARC Salon

Katy Jo Dallas-Fort Worth Missing; Color specialist at LARC Salon

Kathleen Jo Marley (Katy Jo)and her dog Marvin are missing from Uptown in Dallas. Katy & Marvin were last seen May 20th. Missing persons report with Dallas PD.

A notice was released on social media on Sunday, May 28;

“We are looking for our friend Katy Jo she lives in the State/Allen area
We have not been able to reach her. She does not have her phone
She is 5”10, dirty blonde/ red hair last seen with her dog Marvin. He is a husky and both have blue eyes.
Please call/ text us if you do see her in the area. While we know there will be a lot of questions we only have the bandwidth to follow on information related to finding where are friend is.
A missing persons report has been filed.

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Just after midnight on Saturday, police issued an Amber notice; at around nine o’clock that evening, they updated it with an Endangered Missing Persons notice. Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, who suffers from severe disabilities and has a chronic lung condition that necessitates medical attention and sporadic oxygen therapy, is still unaccounted for.

When Texas Child Protective Services learned through an anonymous tip that Noel hadn’t been seen since November 2022, an inquiry into his whereabouts was launched on March 20. Other family members hadn’t seen Noel or his siblings, according to their investigation, which was conducted by Everman police and Child Protective Services.

The 6-year-old was in Mexico with his father, according to Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, Noel’s mother, who was contacted by Everman police. However, when CPS detectives spoke to Noel’s biological father, he revealed that because he had been deported prior to the boy’s birth, he had never had the chance to see Noel. The statement was supported by the Department of Homeland Security.

When Noel’s mother contacted their Everman ISD school to inquire about unenrollment on March 23, police and CPS detectives discovered that Noel’s four siblings, who ranged in age from 7 to 11, had been missing, according to police. Police said Noel was not enrolled at school. All seven of his children, including the 5-month-old twins who make up Noel’s half-siblings, were in his mother’s care.

A search for Noel’s whereabouts began after Rodriguez-Singh could not be located by police or CPS and appeared to be eluding them.

Police stated on Sunday that while they were unable to provide specifics regarding CPS investigations, they could confirm that Rodriguez-Singh had previously been the subject of inquiries and actions. She also has a lengthy criminal record that included convictions related to drinking. read full story


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