Mark Owen killed in Austin, TX fatal car accident on Saturday

Mark Owen killed in Austin, TX fatal car accident on Saturday

Authorities have identified the victim of the fatal car accident that happened on Saturday, May 27, 2023, in Austin, Texas. Mark Owen succumbed to the injuries sustained in the traffic collision on Saturday. Mark was about to be a new father, and was so excited to meet his baby, due in just a few weeks.

Those of you who knew Mark were aware that he was among the best among us. Generous, compassionate, humorous, committed, and incredibly eager to create a future for his expanding family.

Mark and the love of his life Cynthia got married in February 2022, they were the epitome of a happily married couple. Cynthia was Mark’s ideal match. Just a few Instagram clicks would be enough for them to realize they had both found “The One.” They had recently moved from California to Texas to begin their new life together after purchasing their first home.

Corrina Mora- Bone a family member of the deceased announced his passing on Monday, “Please help this beautiful family Cynthia is part of our family and our hearts are breaking for her any help would be so appreciated.”

A GoFundMe campaign was created with the aim of raising funds to support his wife and new son as much as possible with memorial, medical, and housing costs.

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According to Austin-Travis County EMS, an automobile collision with a pole overnight in north Austin resulted in one fatality.

On Research Boulevard heading north, close to Metric Boulevard, it happened soon before midnight on Friday. According to ATCEMS, a car struck a post with downed wires.

ATCEMS reported that one adult passed away there. At the crash site, extended closures were anticipated.

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