Angel Jerez Chicago, IL, Friends and loved ones mourns the death of loving person

Angel Jerez Chicago, IL, Friends and loved ones mourns the death of loving person

Angel Jerez of Chicago, Illinois suddenly passed away recently, friends, family, and loved ones mourn the death of Angel across social media. Eulisa Michelle Jerez, Angel’s loving wife released a statement on Tuesday, May 30, on her Facebook account. Eulisa wrote, ” Whew babe. Angel Jerez, this is a hard one. My heart is shattered, Papi! You ARE literally EVERYTHING! The way you love and spoil us, we are lost without you. Our earthly protector, provider, comedian, my dance partner, our personal driver (anyone I work with knows that you spoil me so much that I don’t even want to drive to work. And before I get out of the car I NEED 3 kisses.) You show our girls every day how a man should love and treat them through your actions. Our son, our son……He knows what a real man is because of you. He even told the girls, “Trash day is tomorrow, y’all know what we do.”

Angel’s wife Eulisa Michelle added, “Our children know what real love looks like and we make sure we’re intentional about that! They have the heart of giving because of you. You are such a giver, I don’t care what our finances looked like, you always sowed into other people when they needed it the most. You would say, “Babe, I want to bless……”, and I would stop you in your tracks and say go ahead. You instilled that into me, and I am forever grateful for the lessons you’ve taught me. You are legit an Angel in disguise! You were here on an assignment and you FINISHED! I refuse to say you “died”……YOU FINISHED! I am so happy that I spent 14 years with a real Angel. ”

“God, I don’t understand why, but I STILL TRUST YOU! With tears in my eyes and pain in my heart, I still lean on you and trust you. With questions about what our future looks like now, I STILL trust you! That’s all I know how to do, because of my husband. I love you forever Mi amor, she concluded.”

The cause of Angel Jerez’s death has not been made known. Meanwhile friends and loved ones paid tributes to him;

Bella Black said, “Jesus… For the past 2 days I haven’t known what exactly to say. Angel Jerez, you shocked the world with this. The way my heart breaks for your wife and children knowing that in the blink of an eye their entire world has changed! Im praying for their comfort and peace during this time. Angel, you are gonna truly be missed. I could remember bk to new life days….even when yall were moving out of town and the church covered yall in prayer……you were just funny and silly for no reason lol ….You would always make sure i knew that u “looooovvveeeedd you some Ebony”. Thanks for loving me friend! Rest well with God now #unbelievable #trueangel (praying angels surround this beautiful family).

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