Hollywood police respond to mass shooting on Florida Broadwalk

Hollywood police respond to mass shooting on Florida Broadwalk

Police from Hollywood have responded to reports of multiple shootings that occurred on Monday afternoon.

According to information obtained by CBS News Miami, 5 people were arrested, 9 people were brought to local hospitals, and 1 suspect may still be at large in the neighborhood of the 1200 block of North Broadwalk or the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort.

According to accounts from the site, at least three of the shooting victims were children. At 6:41 p.m., an area live cam showed people running away frantically from the scene. Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy issued the following statement:

“Thank you to the good Samaritans, paramedics, police, and emergency room doctors and nurses for their immediate response to aid the victims of today’s shooting.”

Images from Chopper 4 showed a number of police cruisers, unmarked police cars, at least one crime scene van, and a number of fire-rescue units in the vicinity. Authorities have shut off at least one route, and CBS News Miami has learned that a sizable perimeter had been set up.

While the investigation is ongoing, Hollywood police are advising residents to stay away from the Hollywood Beach area between Johnson and Garfield Street and the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk.

At 11 p.m., CBS News Miami will have team coverage on the scene and bring you the whole report. The Johnson St. and N. Ocean bus loop has been designated as a reunification location, according to the police.

This is a developing story, and we’ll update it as soon as we learn more information.

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Authorities say that following an hour-long confrontation with police, the suspect in the murder of a Florida mother and her three children was shot and killed by police at a motel early on Wednesday.

Police responding to a medical call at a Lake Wales apartment complex on Tuesday evening discovered a woman and her three children, one adult, and two juveniles, dead from what appeared to be gunshot wounds, the Lake Wales Police Department said in a news release. A manhunt for 38-year-old Al Joseph Stenson was launched.

According to officials, Stenson ran away and checked into his brother’s room at a motel in Sanford.

According to Seminole County Sheriff Dennis M. Lemma, the SWAT squad seized control of negotiations once Stenson was located—by his car outside the motel. Negotiations went “so well,” in fact, that at one point Stenson was persuaded to leave the motel room by the team.

“We were able to take the brother to safety … and then the negotiations were continuing for hours,” Lemma said. “I mean, the last thing we want have to do is use lethal force. Ideally, we would like to talk somebody and bring them into custody.”

Stenson, according to the police, “made statements that he would kill himself or force law enforcement to kill him.”

Negotiators eventually persuaded Stenson to drop the gun he was holding to the ground and move away from the situation. The SWAT team fired a less deadly 40-millimeter foam projectile as he moved away from the gun in an effort to “neutralize the threat” and free the man, according to Lemma. Read Full Story

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