Bodycam Footage Released; Emily Breidenbach and 1 other officer were killed in-line of duty in April

Bodycam Footage Released; Emily Breidenbach and 1 other officer were killed in-line of duty in April

The Wisconsin Department of Justice has released bodycam footage that depicts the moments leading up to a fatal shootout between police officers and a man who had allegedly “trained to kill” officers. The 50-year-old Glenn Douglas Perry was stopped by officers on April 8 for “failure to pay child support” and a general wellness check, according to the authorities.

Perry, who was regarded as violent, pulled out a rifle and started shooting when authorities approached him. The two officers slain in the firefight were Chetek police officer Emily Breidenbach, 32, and Cameron police officer Hunter Scheel, 23. Perry later passed away at a hospital from his wounds. Sierra Gillespie of the Law & Crime Network analyzes the sad incident.

Original Story;

In the Wisconsin village of Cameron on Saturday, officers Emily Breidenbach and Hunter Scheel both stopped a vehicle. There was a warrant out for the driver’s arrest. The guy and the officers got into a gunfight when they were looking into the vehicle. Both police officers died at the scene after receiving fatal gunshot wounds. The officer-shot suspect was taken to the hospital, where he eventually passed away.

Officer Hunter Scheel had been a Cameron Police Department officer for a year. Hunter volunteered to serve his nation in Afghanistan and was a 6-year veteran of the US Army National Guard. Hunter was seen as a kind, honorable, and responsible professional who enjoyed lending a hand to others around him. He leaves behind both parents, three sisters and a girlfriend. He just was 23-years old.

Officer Emily Breidenbach worked for the Chetek P.D. for four years and was in charge of their K9 therapy dogs. She had previously worked for the Stoughton Police Department for nine months. Emily’s wonderful sense of humor stuck in people’s minds. She always had a way of putting a grin on your face and made sure that everyone in the room felt welcome. Both of Officer Breidenbach’s parents, a brother, and a devoted fiancée are also survived by him. She had just turned 32.

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