Yolanda Askew, NBC 4 NY Director of Sales Fulfillment & Special Projects has died

Yolanda Askew, NBC 4 NY Director of Sales Fulfillment & Special Projects has died

Yolanda “Yo-Yo” Askew sadly passed away after a long battle with cancer on Saturday morning, May 27, 2023. Rafael Sánchez, RTV6, Yolanda’s high school friend announced her death on Saturday afternoon. Rafael released a statement on his official Facebook page following Yolanda Askew’s death;

Because of HER
Yolanda “Yo-Yo” Askew died of cancer this morning. We graduated from the same high school in NYC, and she encouraged me to come to Franklin College in Indiana. Years later as alums, we would serve as Franklin College Trustees. Because of her, I met my wife and stayed here to work and serve and do my thing. On a day when Another star ascends to the heavens, let us rise to the occasion and make sure we are there to support & lead others. “Yo-Yo” would love that. Yolanda Askew

Yolanda was a skilled leader with experience in the activation of strategic partnerships, crisis management, content creation, and the management of linear, digital, and social campaigns.

Yo-Yo was a highly driven, future-focused leader with demonstrated skills who drove sales and marketing strategies for a top-tier, international multimedia and entertainment organization. possess a history of successfully creating enduring relationships. cross-departmental resources are strategically employed to execute targeted, high-impact delivery and profitable revenue growth.

She was the Co-Founder of The Legacy Group LLC, and also a Know Your Value Alumnus. Yolanda previously served as WNBC Marketing & Digital Project Manager from the year 2007-2009. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at Franklin College in 1990. Read full profile on Linkedin

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Yolanda was described as a force of nature. Always a positive attitude and a team player. Her smile is infectious and her contributions of ideas bring projects to life. No task too large or small – Yolanda can deliver goals while keeping deadlines and budgets in mind.

Yolanda is very compassionate and understands the importance of nurturing the relationships as well as the passions of those who work around her. She is unselfish, always willing to give her time, energy, and wisdom where her services are needed. Yolanda is not only a mentor, but a very strong presence in the work environment, and her gifts are evident.

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