Alex Orange identified as victim killed in Pennsylvania accident

Alex Orange identified as victim killed in Pennsylvania car accident

Authorities have identified Alex Orange a resident of Pennsylvania as the person who died in a fatal car accident on Saturday, May 3, 2023. Alex died from the injuries sustained due to the impact of the collision. However, the cause of the incident is yet to be known.

Alex was described as a person with a kind heart and the epitome of greatness, “he lightens up every room he entered,” said one of the people who knew Alex.

This is a developing story. It will be updated as soon as possible.

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About Pennsylvania

The Mid-Atlantic, Northeastern, Appalachian, and Great Lakes areas of the United States are all covered by the state of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania shares borders with Delaware to the southeast, Maryland to the south, West Virginia to the southwest, Ohio to the west, Lake Erie and Ontario to the northwest, New York State to the north, the Delaware River and New Jersey to the east, and West Virginia to the southwest.

As of 2020, Pennsylvania had over 13 million citizens, making it the fifth-most populous state in the country and its largest decennial population ever. The state is the 33rd largest in terms of land, and it has the ninth-highest population density of all the states. The largest city in the state and the sixth most populated city in the US, Philadelphia, is part of the southeastern Delaware Valley metropolitan area.

In the southwest, in and around Pittsburgh, the second-biggest city in the state and the largest in Western Pennsylvania, there are 2.37 million more people living. The following five cities with the highest populations in the state are Allentown, Reading, Erie, Scranton, and Bethlehem. Harrisburg is the state’s capital.

The landscape of Pennsylvania is extremely varied. Nearly 60% of Pennsylvania is covered in forests, with the Allegheny and Pocono mountains spanning much of Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Appalachian Mountains cutting through the state’s midsection. Pennsylvania boasts the most navigable rivers in the country, including the Allegheny, Delaware, Genesee, Ohio, Schuylkill, Susquehanna, and others, while having only 140 miles (225 km) of coastline along Lake Erie and the Delaware River.

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