Zane Breakiron Uniontown PA, Morgantown Police Department Officer killed in car accident

Zane Breakiron Uniontown PA, Morgantown Police Department Officer killed in car accident

Officer Zane Breakiron of the Morgantown Police Department unexpectedly died in a car accident. Zane Breakiron, a longstanding resident of Uniontown, Pennsylvania, succumbed to the injuries sustained from the accident on Saturday, June 3, 2023. Officer Breakiron served as the epitome of what a wonderful person should be. During this tragic moment, our thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family.

Officer Breakiron was persistent, inquisitive, and always very quick to master anything he tried. He was incredibly enthusiastic, and everyone who knew him appreciated his sense of humor. He cherished caring for his dog.

Who was Zane Breakiron?

Zane Breakiron’s Facebook profile states that he was born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. He earned a degree in exercise physiology from the University of Tennessee. Officer Breakiron is an East Carolina University alumnus. His academic and athletic careers at the University of Florida were only recently completed. I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences while I was living in Florida.

In addition to this degree, he also acquired additional credits from the Health and Human Performance College. Officer Breakiron participated in Gator Grind and the Florida Letterman Award committee, two student-athlete-run organizations. He obtained his degree in Florida and participated in the javelin for the track and field team for four years, getting a letter each year. In southwest Pennsylvania, at the Uniontown Chiropractic Center, Officer Breakiron was a chiropractic technician.

He was prepared to start his medical sales profession. Officer Breakiron was given “Zone 10” at the Morgantown Police Department, which encompassed the Euro-Suites Hotel. Officer Breakiron frequently checked the security of the parking lot at the request of hotel staff and as a result of prior criminal activity at the hotel.

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