Collin Flynn Detroit Lakes, MN, identified as victim killed in a fatal car accident

Collin Flynn Detroit Lakes, MN, identified as victim killed in a fatal car accident

Collin Flynn a longtime resident of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota has been identified as the person who passed away in a fatal car accident recently. Collin succumbed to the injuries sustained from the tragic accident. The family of Flynn is yet to release a statement following the death of one of their own.

This is a developing story.

About Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

The county seat of Becker County is located in the Minnesotan city of Detroit Lakes. In 2020, there were 9,869 people living there.[2] Due to seasonal residents and tourists, its unofficial population increases significantly during the summer months, peaking around 13,000 in midsummer, according to locals.

The main thoroughfares through the city are Interstates 10 and 59 in the United States, as well as Minnesota State Highway 34. Detroit Lakes is 45 miles east of the statistical metropolitan area of Fargo-Moorhead in North Dakota and Minnesota. Detroit Lakes is roughly 205 miles southeast of Minneapolis-Saint Paul, the closest significant metro area with a population of over a million.

Every year, a sizable number of tourists and seasonal inhabitants flock to Detroit Lakes, a popular summer and winter pleasure destination in the area. Its economy is fueled by seasonal population increases, with tourism being the area’s chief industry.

The city of Detroit Lakes was founded by Colonel George Johnston in 1871. The city’s current name has been extant since 1927, to avoid confusion with Detroit, Michigan. Beforehand, it was simply called Detroit. The name was given by a French missionary. Détroit is French and translates to strait or narrows, referring to the sand bar separating Big Detroit Lake from Little Detroit Lake. The sand bar was dredged and partially submerged to make the Pelican River watershed navigable by steamboat in the late 19th century.

Detroit Lakes was a resting place on the Red River Oxcart Trails. The Ojibwe name for Detroit Lakes is “Gaiajawangag”, meaning a lake with a crossing in a sandy place.

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