Calli Newberry, Port Huron, MI, identified as victim killed in M-90 car accident

Calli Newberry, Port Huron, MI, identified as victim involved in M-90 car accident

Calli Newberry a resident of Port Huron, Michigan has been identified as the victim involved in an M-90 car accident on Monday, June 5, 2023. Calli Newberry alongside Kaity Zeller was involved in the traffic collision on M-90 and Todd Roads. Calli and Kaity were fatally injured and fighting for their life, as they were rushed to the hospital.

Lauren Barbarich released a statement on her Facebook account, “Please say a prayer for Calli Newberry, Kaity Zeller, and their families! My heart goes out to these girls and those involved.”

Ed DeView a resident of Croswell, Michigan wrote, “A few families in the Cros-Lex area, need some extra prayers for their loved ones who were involved in a horrific crash crash on M-90 and Todd Roads.”

The details of the collision are currently unknown.

M-90 (Michigan highway)

The US state of Michigan’s “Thumb” contains the state trunkline highway M-90. It stretches eastward from close to North Branch to Lexington, which is located on Lake Huron. The highway travels through isolated farmlands and is a sparsely used route. The trunkline primarily travels east-west, with two brief stretches traveling north-south where it makes a bend to go alongside other state highways. There are two river crossings and one railroad crossing along the route.

The second road to gain a number is the current M-90 designation. The first is currently an Upper Peninsula stretch of M-69. By 1927, a segment of the modern highway had a number. By 1934, the highway’s current route was the consequence of extensions to the east.

M-90 starts at an intersection with M-24 in Deerfield Township in northern Lapeer County. The intersection is near the Lapeer State Game Area. After a short jog northeast to cross the Flint River, it runs due east on North Branch Road through rural farmland. The highway passed through North Branch on its way to M-53 in Burnside Township. There it turns south and runs concurrently with M-53 on Van Dyke Road for about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) before turning east on Burnside Road. M-90 continues east to pass through Brown City near the Sanilac County line.

Prior to becoming Burns Line Road in Brown City, M-90 travels along Main Street and a Huron and Eastern Railway branch. M-90 goes north on Brockway Road along M-19 south of Peck. On the east side of Peck, M-90 makes another turn toward the east and proceeds along Peck Road. On the southern edge of Croswell, the trunkline crosses the Black River before coming to a conclusion at M-25 close to Lake Huron in Lexington.

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