Kaylee Goodman Lexington, KY, killed in a fatal car accident

Kaylee Goodman Lexington, KY, killed in a fatal car accident

Kaylee Goodman a resident of Lexington, Kentucky was identified as the person killed in a fatal accident recently. Teagan Jones  Kaylee’s friend announced her death on social media on Wednesday, June 7, 2023. Kaylee succumbed to the injuries sustained from the fatal car accident. 

Teagen released a statement following the death of Kaylee;

words don’t even begin to explain. never will i ever let anyone forget your name. every move you made was for someone else not you. i have loved you for the past 8 years and i will till the day i see you again. there’s no one in this world i would rather see rn than you. waiting for the text that you were just kidding. or ur location to turn back on and say ur at canes. everyday was an adventure with you. there was never a dull moment when it came to you. you have grown into the most amazing women i’ve ever seen. for as long as i live no one will ever disrespect you again. you have taught me so much and without you i wouldn’t be where i am now. you had so much going for you. i am forever in love w you. forever miss you. and forever will hold ur name up. it’s you kaylee seirra goodman. forever you. i love you 🤍 rest in paradise my luv

The cause of the accident is yet to be known.

Halie Patrick an employee at The Krusty Krab wrote, “Rest in peace, Kaylee Goodman. another beautiful young lady gone too soon. I only got the joy of hanging out with you a few times but you were so sweet and always wanted me to come back. It really is the people you never expect!! It’s so crazy what our world is coming to. People are dropping like flies. You will never be forgotten, Kaylee. You are with Natalie and Maci now rest in peace. Everyone in Lexington has you in our thoughts today.”

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