Matthew Warrick Colfax, IA, identifed as victim killed in a motorcycle accident

Matthew Warrick Colfax, IA, identifed as victim killed in a motorcycle accident

Matthew Warrick a native of Colfax, Iowa was identified as the person killed after being involved in a motorcycle accident on Monday, June 5, 2023. Matthew succumbed to the injuries from the tragic accident on his way home from work last night. Luke Warrick, Matthew’s father announced his passing on Monday after the tragic passing of his son. He died at 20.

Luke released the following statement;

For those who don’t know or are wondering what is going on Matthew Warrick was on his way home from work last night and was involved in a motorcycle accident and lost his life. We don’t have many details yet, we will let everyone know when we find out more. I didn’t want anyone to think the big c word got him he was a true warrior he beat cancer he rang his bell in January and was ready to live his life he loved riding his motorcycle! He was doing what he loved, when God decided to bring him home. He is already missed dearly

Matt was described as a champion, a fighter, and one heck of an amazing kid. He was a resident of Metter, Georgia. Matt went to Colfax – Mingo High School.

Matthew Warrick’s mother Jessica Meinhart released a statement following her son’s death on Monday, “R.I.P Matthew Warrick That was a phone call no parent should ever get. I’m heartbroken and lost. Son you have touched so many lives and will be missed by so many…. At this time we are in shock and need time to process what happened tonight.”

His family would like to bring him home, and while we have no idea how much money any of that is going to cost them, we know the mountain they need to climb won’t be near as tall with all of our help.
Simply put, they need money and our heartfelt donations.
We have many ways you can help.
3) There will be multiple donation jars/cans displayed around the Colfax Community where cash/checks can be dropped off. AYB will have a donation can, Cocina Hernandez,
The details behind the fatal motorcycle accident are currently unknown to the public.

This is a developing story and it will be updated.

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