Nabil Hamza, 17-year-old died in Texas car accident

Nabil Hamza, 17-year-old died in Texas car accident

Nabil Hamza unexpectedly passed away in a Texas fatal car accident on Wednesday, June 7, 2023. Nabil died at the age of 17. He succumbed to the injuries sustained from a traffic collision. Nabil and his younger brother Yusuf were involved in the collision but Yusuf survived and is fighting for his life now.

Dr. Omar Suleiman announced this heartbreaking news on Thursday, June 8 on Twitter;

Yesterday we were pained with the loss of 17 year old Hafiz Nabil Hamza in a car accident. May Allah have mercy on him, elevate him, and allow him to crown his parents on the day of judgment. Ameen Sadly, his younger brother Yusuf is fighting for his life now. May Allah cure him fully. Ameen And today we have the Janaza of 20 year old Khaled Almasalmah at IANT. May Allah have mercy on him and comfort his parents. Ameen Nothing reminds us of the inevitable like the death of our youth. 

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Mikaeel Ahmed Smith released a statement on Facebook; 

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office and the California Department of Insurance’s Anti-Fraud Unit conducted a three-year investigation after receiving complaints from insurance firms about what seemed to be cut-and-paste papers. Prosecutors filed various counts against the 16 defendants on Monday, accusing them of arranging to refer patients in exchange for payment, referring patients carelessly and with the intent to conduct a crime, and engaging in insurance fraud. Gonzalez could be imprisoned for up to 20 years and 8 months, while Arguello could serve up to 29 years and 8 months. Individual attorneys face potential sentences ranging from seven to roughly twenty-six years in prison.

However, the cause of the accident is yet to be released to the general public.

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