Brett Maki Dexter, MI, died a week after fatal motorcycle accident

Brett Maki Dexter, MI, died a week after fatal motorcycle accident

Brett Maki a resident of Dexter, Michigan unexpectedly passed away on June 4, 2023, a week after he sustained a fatal accident. Brett’s father Steve Maki announced his death on his Facebook account on Saturday night. Steve retired letter carrier at USPS wrote, “I will never forget you, Brett. Love Dad.”

The cause of death is made known to be injuries sustained from the accident. However, friends and loved ones have paid tributes to Brett Maki across social media.

Nancy Hardesty wrote, “Thinking of you and your family! So. So very sorry for your loss!” 

The details of the accident are unknown.

About Dexter, Michigan

The city of Dexter is a municipality in the American state of Michigan’s Washtenaw County. The city’s population was 6,644 as of the 2021 Census. In addition to more recent developments and condominiums in both the eastern and western sides of town, Dexter’s residential neighborhoods also contain the historic settlements along the Baker Road, Central Street, and Dexter-Ann Arbor Road corridors.

After being founded in 1830 as The Village of Dexter and bearing the name of Samuel W. Dexter, the city was formally incorporated on November 20, 2014.

The city is located next to several rivers and trails, including the Border-to-Border Trail. Within city limits are The Dexter Cider Mill, one of the oldest cider mills in the state of Michigan, a farmers market, and various other local businesses.

Thirteen years before Michigan became a state, in 1824, land investor Samuel W. Dexter bought a sizable chunk of land and founded the village. Before the hamlet was platted in 1830 and given the name Dexter, it was known as “Mill Creek Settlement.”

Dexter has always valued the resources provided by Mill Creek and the Huron River, which together make up much of the western and northeastern city limits, respectively. A sawmill, a woolen mill, a grist mill, and a cider mill were all constructed between 1827 and 1886. Judge Dexter reportedly created a post office in his home and shuttled mail between there and Ann Arbor on horseback after being appointed County Court Justice in 1826.


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