Shawn Chrisagis, Iconic Ohio Valley Christian minister, musician, passes away

Shawn Chrisagis, Iconic Ohio Valley Christian minister, musician, passes away

The sad news of Shawn Chrisagis’ passing was revealed by Brian Chrisagis on the Chrisagis Brothers Productions Facebook page on Tuesday.

His identical twin brother, Brian, called him “the most handsome, talented, and brilliant man or person I ever knew. I am nothing without him. He was my rock. Our dreams were together and my dreams are now finished.”

The legendary Chrisagis Brothers entertainers Shawn and Brian Chrisagis were also Christian ministers.

Erik Estrada, Loni Anderson, and Catherine Bach were among the noteworthy celebrities who attended the concerts the brothers staged for them in the Ohio Valley. Shows hosted by the Chrisagis Brothers have WTRF as a longtime media sponsor.

In addition to their own performances and music, their Christian ministry is known locally for shows drawing celebrities to the Ohio Valley and giving inspirational testimony about their lives.

Brian, the Chrisagis family, as well as all of Shawn’s friends and admirers, are all recipients of our sincere condolences.

Russ Taff a GRAMMY and Dove Award-winning recording artist Russ Taff wrote, “The world became a little less joyful and a lot less colorful today because Shawn Chrisagis unexpectedly left for home. I was just with him and his beloved twin brother Brian a few weeks ago, and we laughed and cried and talked about Jesus like we always do. Please hold Brian in your hearts and prayers– he literally lost a part of himself today. Sending you so much love, Shawn– see you at the house.”

Tracey Mitchell an author at Thomas Nelson wrote, “My heart is very sad to learn that my precious friend of many decades Shawn Chrisagis unexpectedly transitioned from this life today. He was beloved by everyone — a soul that made this world a better place to live. I was just with Shawn and Brian Z Chrisagis a few months ago and I’m so thankful for the time that we shared. I never imagined it would be our last — laugh, hug, tear, and smile. *** Please remember that we’re not promised tomorrow with each other. Be intentional about sharing your heart. Hug tighter. Laugh louder. Hold on to the moment and memory while you can. I love you Brian — hold on.”


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