Lauren Garris Obituary, Spring TX, unexpectedly passed away at age 13

Lauren Garris Obituary, Spring TX, unexpectedly passed away at age 13

Lauren Garris sadly passed away on Monday, June 12th. Lauren, who had recently finished the 7th grade, was a kind and considerate 13-year-old who always looked out for others. She was thrilled to join the varsity cheer squad in the eighth grade because she liked gymnastics. They were all very close, and Lauren loved her 3 brothers and sister dearly.

However, the cause of death was not released. Lauren Garris’s father, James, has spent his life in dedication to helping others. First as a member of the US Army and then spending 25 years as a police officer. He retired from the force just a few months ago. His wife, Lin, has dedicated her life to raising their 5 children.

Misty Brandin Smejkal announced Lauren’s death in a Facebook post on Thursday, 

It is news like this that parents drop to their knees to pray over a family they don’t know. A day when you don’t know how to guide and navigate your child of their friend’s passing. A day we feel helpless on all regards except to pray. Pray fiercely over the family for their unimaginable loss. Pray over all schoolmates that are young and can’t wrap their head around the loss of such a sweet , kind and gentle soul. Prayers for all parents trying to navigate this. May we pray over our youth in the hopes that our community doesn’t lose another child. What a blessing she was to so many. May she rest in peace and God blanket her family in his arms of Grace, love and her memories. In Jesus name…

A GoFundMe campaign has been created to fund the funeral expenses of Lauren Garris. Angela Blair the organizer of the fundraiser page released the following statement, “Lauren was my neice and I’m setting this fundraiser up to help her family cover funeral costs. Your support, no matter the amount, will provide the family with relief during this time of immense sorrow.”

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