David Fuller, Father of 6 who was crushed while working on car

David Fuller, Father of 6 who was crushed while working on car

After tragedy struck the day before Father’s Day, a Grand Rapids family is finding support in one another and in the community’s outpouring of love. David Fuller, a 57-year-old father of six, was killed when his truck rolled on him while he was working on it outside his house.

While police investigated, portions of North Avenue in Grand Rapids were cordoned off on Saturday afternoon. From Spencer Street to Ames Street, the area was blocked off, but it is now accessible again.

Fuller’s wife, Angie, described Fuller as a family man who loved his children and grandchildren. What happened was a freak accident, but it’s a reminder to never take life for granted.

“He came to Dallas on vacation and he fixed my fence,” said Jessica Murrell while she scrolled through photographs, remembering the good times. Memories that are now more precious than ever.

“The best. He was the man. He was it. He was all of it. He was everything,” said Angie.

In 1998, Angie Fuller and David Fuller got married and combined their two households.

He helped her regain her faith in love and feel protected.

She didn’t believe that what happened on Saturday morning would actually occur.

“He called me asking if he go to the race and would I mind,” she said. “He was thinking of me. I said go, you need to have fun. I have you for the rest of my life. That was the last thing I said.”

The tragedy struck just before Father’s Day and their 13th wedding anniversary this Sunday.

“Dave knows what he’s doing. He would not have done this if he knew he was going to get hurt. Something happened that wasn’t supposed to.”

A machinist and an ardent Steelers supporter. a deer hunter and outdoor enthusiast. But his greatest love was for his grandchildren.

He was pleased to have grandchildren. He lived for our 13 grandchildren, stated Angie.

Angie hopes his legacy of love for his family lives on.

Angie hopes his devotion for his family–his legacy–carries on.

“I don’t have him to say I love you every day anymore. Go home and tell your spouse, kids, whoever it is. I love you every day in his honor.”

The family’s GoFundMe to raise money for David’s funeral and memorial has raised more than $3,000.

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